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      寶振(中國)—— 城市立體綠化全程解決方案提供商和生產商

      Roof farm Garden Planting Tray

      1. Item: Roof farm plastic flower pot

      2. Country: China

      3. Model: BZ-8050

      4. Size: 500 * 400 * 80mm

      5. Material: 100% non-polluting and recyclable plastic

      6. Weight: 0.719Kg

      7. Covering wet weight: 6.868Kg

      8. Soil thickness: 60mm

      9. Effective water storage capacity:

      10. Transport packaging ratio: 10 / bundle

      11. Use nutrient soil volume per square meter:

      12. Production capacity: 3456,000 / day

      13. Application: dwarf plant flowers, vegetables

      14. Operating temperature range: -20℃ ----65℃

      15. Usage life: 20 years





      1、The  limited  of  load  capacity  of  roof,  which  require  lighter  flower  pot.  We,  Baozhen  produce  polypropylene  plastic  flower  pot,  which  characteristic  are  lighter  material,  environmental,  green  and  non-pollution,  firm  and  usage  living  up  to  20  years.

      2、When  client  construct  green  roof,  they  should  consider  waterproof  of  product  that  include  material,  design  and  quality.  Green  roof  usually  require  special  roof  flower  pot.  Roof farm  flower  pot,  designed  by  Baozhen,  can  help  to  transport  excess  water  among  flower  pots.

      3、Baozhen(Xiamen)  Technology  CO.,LTD  hold  large-scale  factory  and  professional  design  and  research  team,  which  meet  requirements  from  all  over  the  worth.  Our  after  sale  service  can  perfectly  solve  clients  problem.

      Our  product  is  mainly  used  for  Roof farm.  It  is  easy  to  install  that  it  can  achieve  large-scale  green  roof  in  the  short  time.  Setting  a  layer  of  non-woven  fabrics  inside  of  flower  pot  can  help  to  filtration  from  water  and  dust  that  make  water  clean.  

      The  flower  pot  are  connected  with  each  other,  and  there  are  supporting  feet  at  the  bottom.  Above  design  can  achieve  the  function  of  store  and  drain  water.  Modular  structure  can  combine  different  design.

      Advantages  of  our  product

      Its  application  area  include  green  roof  and  ground  greening.

      A  flower  pot  can  solve  the  problems  of  choke  root,  drainage,  water  storage,  roof  drainage  and  so  on,  and  at  the  same  time  it  meet  the  needs  of  plant  growth.

      Its  removable  is  convenience  to  maintenance  of  green  roof.  The  flower  pots  are  connected  with  each  other,  and  the  bottom  of  pot  has  drain  line.  It  is  both  solving  the  roof  drainage  pressure  and  meeting  the  roof  safety  needs.


      Modular design is better to remove excess water by the bottom drainage channel which can be connected easily one-by-one.


      Welcome to contact us by phone or email, if you would to know more specifications of our products.

      Contact us:

                        E-mail: xfhc110@gmail.com

                       Tel: +86 18106987998


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